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. mitt romney has an endorsement in his bid for the republican presidential nomination and from jim bush, former board of governors. this comes as the romney campaign deals with another self-inflicted wound. when asked if romney has been forced to take positions that could hurt him with moderate voters, a strategist compared him to an etch a sketch which you can shake up and start over again. >> i am running as a conservative and i will be running for the hopeful nominee for president. >> rick santorum, newt gingrich later had some fun with romney's strategist's remark. both of them brought an etch a sketch to campaign appearances yesterday. candidates will face off on saturday in the louisiana primary. >> in the federal probe into the dcm mayor vincent gray a get- out-the-vote efforts that was not publicly reported. some have called it a shadow campaign. sources say the alleged the activity was outside official election efforts, meaning that the spending was not reported. he would not comment on the allegations. also, an arrest in the triple stabbing in northeast d.c. investigators tell
. republican front runner mitt romney still doing damage control over something his top strategists said after he won a big victory illinois. speaking on cnn, the strategist said preparing for the fall campaign could be like shaking up and hsh -- etch a sketch starting over, but others use that to criticize romney as a flip-flop. but romney had good news, picking of the endorsement of former florida governor judd bush. >> still ahead -- filling in the blanks. a new medical report showing what really killed pop star rich -- whitney houston. and tim tebow's trade to the jets, still not officially a done deal. and adam has the seven- >> welcome to friday morning. unfortunately we have a couple of things brewing. overnight accident investigating -- investigation complete and the district, now open at the suitland parkway. we will now take you to springfield, virginia, where north down 95 there was an accident near the beltway. just moved on to the shoulder. but we do have heavy traffic nearing newington. in spam 66, -- eastbound 66 centerville at the reston area, you will find on the shoulder. bee
-- super tuesday. mitt romney added two more went to his total overnight including ohio. >> romney clinched the deal less the caucus. he also won massachusetts vermont, virginia, and idaho. rick santorum kept it close in ohio and picked up three wins in tennessee, oklahoma, and north dakota. gingrich won georgia. it ron paul did not win any. brianne carter joins us with what next in this long fight for the gop nomination . >> cynne, some people thought that super tuesday were a game changer. others said that they're no closer to a nominee than they were months ago. three candidates all claiming victories in each is vowing to stay in the race. >> in his side of the night mitt romney squeaked out a win in ohio. he walked away on top in six states including alaska, idaho, vermont virginia, and of course, massachusetts. >> tonight, we are doing some counting. we are counting up the delicate and it looks good. >> the math is on his side, but what about momentum. ? bric santorum won oklahoma and tennessee. -- rick santorum won oklahoma and tennessee. >> we went up against enormous odds not just h
conservatives and evangelicals. mitt romney finished in third place in both contests, but he did win the caucuses in american samoa. jummy olabanji explains what the latest shake-up means in the republican white house race. >> mitt romney still ahead with the total number of delegates needed to win the race. but with rick santorum gaining ground, the chance of the race may not be over until the summer is very likely. exit polls in alabama and mississippi show conservatives are split. after voters in those states say that ron is not conservative enough. they divided their votes between rick santorum and newt gingrich. mitt romney came in third in both states despite spending twice as much as rick santorum and newt gingrich combined. >> if you are the front-runner and you keep coming into third, you are not much of a front- runner. >> for someone who thinks this race is inevitable, he spent a lot of money to be inevitable. >> senator santorum is at the desperate end of his campaign and is trying to boost its prospects. >> ron paul opted not to campaign in those two states. he came in f
down. court's decision will be kept secret until june. mitt romney continuing to rack up endorsements of republican leaders. house budget committee chairman paul ryan will endorse romney today. this is one day after former president george h. w. bush also endorsed the former massachusetts governor. former florida governor jeb bush has endorsed romney, but former president george w. bush is remaining neutral. it is 43 degrees. so much more to come on good morning washington. the capitals needed a big win against the bruins. tim brant has the highlights from the back and forth. signs of progress in the fight against a wildfire in colorado. we have an update for you. glaxo wellcome. -- welcome. beledweyne moving nicely near the mormon temple. there was an accident, but then has been moved quickly. no impact at connecticut avenue. the beltway between 270 and 95, i would say go for it. >> looks nice outside this morning. 15-20 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. 44 degrees at reagan national, 39 at dulles. 36 at winchester. above freezing finally in western maryland where t
police. >> we turn to the 2012 campaign. mitt romney riding high after winning six states on super tuesday but he has a lot of work to do before wrapping up the nomination. mitt romney was about -- mitt romney has about twice as many delegates, but he did not deliver a knockout blow as neither candidate plans to throw in natal just yet. >> we are staying in this race because i believe that it will be impossible for a moderate to win the general election. >> they have the machine and they have the insiders and the big money and we have the people. i like my chances. >> political analyst said the math makes it impossible for either gingrey or santorum to win, but they could slow romney down by winning upcoming contests. >> on the hill, the senate goes on a bill to overhaul highway and transit programs. senate leaders reached a deal last night. debate begins today. congress has until the end of the month to pass the bill or the government will lose its authority to dispense highway 8 and collect gasoline taxes. gas prices has dropped three days in a row now after weeks of gains. the a
in a few hours the polls will open. mitt romney is trying to prove his appeal to conservatives in the southbound. good morning, political experts are saying that alabama and mississippi might do with super tuesday did not do -- give the race more clarity. mitt romney is the clear front runner but some say his mormon faith not appeal to some southern voters. he is trying to win them over, appearing in a rally with comedian jeff foxworthy yesterday in alabama. rick santorum has is primaries coming off a big win in kansas over the weekend and the candidates continue to take jabs at each other. mitt romney was asked if he would choose a more conservative running mate, this is what he said -- >> that would preclude rick santorum. he is not a person who is an economic conservative to my right back. >> the most conservative as the one that is most delectable that of the polls show mitt romney and newt gingrich were neck and neck in southern states with santorum third and ron paul fourth. both states hold open primaries today which means republicans independents and democrats can cast
prices go and what's behind the skyrocketing costs? >> and will mitt romney seal the republican nomination tomorrow? i'll have a preview of that story and what the polls are saying well, online dating services can get kind of f pensive. so to save money i've found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. five foot ten... still doing a little exploring. but... my sign is sagittarius, i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave. getting a weave. there's an easier way to save. who wants some ronald tonight!? who wants some ronald tonight!? geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. >> well, almost there. tomorrow, it's super tuesday when voters in 10 states head to the polls. >> this could be a pivotal day if their g.o.p. presidential candidates. mitt romney could submit his status or someone else could win big dragging the race out even longer. >> nearly 20% of those delegates are up for grabs tomorrow and many analysts bel
in the neighborhood. >> turning to the 2012 white house raised -- the mitt romney presidential campaign comes to maryland today where he will stump with former governor bob ehrlich. maryland holds its primary april 3. this comes one day after he won the illinois primary defeating wrecks and torn by a wide margin picking up most of the state's delegates. >> it is time to say these words -- this word -- enough - we've had enough. >> we need someone who will pull up government by the roots and do something to liberate the private sector in america. that's what we need them wreck santorum will try to rebound in louisiana saturday. he is not half way to the magic number needed to win the nomination. in the meantime, the president will hit the road to the talking about energy. he will tour the nation's largest proto voltaic cell a factory in nevada. >> melia obama was in mexico when there was an earthquake. it damaged more than 800 homes and destroyed 50 others in the southern part of the country. no reports of any serious injuries or deaths. the earthquake is one of the strongest to hit that regio
as its main language to achieve statehood. you responded to a campaign memo by romney that says he needs a huge number of delegates to win the gop nomination. >> we are a long way from over. i suspect if we keep winning state after state after state, i will be the nominee. >> mitt romney still has a huge lead in the delegate race and will compete -- campaign in peurto rican tomorrow. mr. caucuses on saturday. illinois primary is next week. >> big mac last night at the white house as the president paid tribute to the relationship between britain and the u.s. during a state dinner for british prime minister david cameron. >> in war and peace, in times of plenty and times of hardship, we stand tall and proud and strong together. >> more than 360 people attended the dinner making it the largest state dinner thrown by the president. among those in attendance, george clooney and investor warren buffett. the first lady's and many of the guests were blue. there is george clooney, in case you missed him earlier. across the first lady looked beautiful. >> we checked the traffic and the weather. >>
is between romney and santorum. >> 437 delegates from the commonwealth to alaska. it is ohio that could end up being the most watched. scott goldberg has more. [no audio] >> thank you. >> santorum had been surging in ohio only to watch his lead in the polls slip away, placing him in a dead heat with romney. >> we have been outspent but its dead even in the polls in the state of ohio. >> while he argued that he is crafty enough to claim super tuesday's biggest prize, romney again tried to cast himself as the inevitable republican nominee. >> we have been all over the state from a-z. we are happy to be here. >> he turned to his wife who has spoken about her battle with multiple sclerosis and breast cancer, an effort to humanize her husband. he is seen by some as an out of touch multimillionaire. >> i don't even consider myself wealthy, which is interesting. it can be here today and gone tomorrow. >> heading into super tuesday 10 states and more than 400 delegates up for grabs voters have developed largely unfavorable views of all remaining candidates, a worry shared openly by barbara bush. >>
the soldiers passed coming up. >> scrambling for votes in the land of lincoln. ken mitt romney linkedin his delegate lead? >> steve urkel shows off some fancy footwork. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it is 6:00 a.m. on tuesday, march 20, the first day of spring and the beginning of the national cherry blossom festival. tothank you for waking up with us. a >> we will head out to the town in basin in just a moment. first, the traffic in the weather. >> with my hand on my heart, and describing to you in showing the pictures of a very large funeral procession that came out a part go maryland, baltimore. they're traveling live south down 95 maryland coming out of columbia toward the beltway traveling the outer loop across the american legion bridge to arlington national cemetery for a soldier who paid the ultimate price for our freedom respectfully give them a few moments to pass through our area. you can see them headed away from us in the southbound 95 maryland camera. we will have more information on the procession in the
's louisiana primary rick santorum is increasing attacks on mitt romney. former pennsylvania senator pour into mitt romney in wisconsin. he criticized romney because he is the author of the massachusetts health care law which is the basis for president obama's health-care overhaul. >> why would we put someone up who is uniquely -- pick any other republican in the country --- he is the worst republican in the country to put up against barack obama. >> a romney aide responded to the comments by saying that he is becoming desperate and unhinged. the next six primaries are next tuesday in wisconsin, maryland, and washington, d.c. >> we want to look at the dead. during selection begins in the murder trial of daniel everett accused of killing his estranged wife of prince william county fast food restaurant. the couple was in the middle of a divorce. and a landmark child sex abuse trial gets underway in philadelphia. the monsignor is the first u.s. church official trust with failing to remove priest accused of abusing children. that was in the archdiocese of philadelphia. >> rising gas prices, n
in missouri as romney's celebrates another victory. he scored a big win in the puerto rico primary taking 20 delegates up for grabs in the island commonwealth. the candidates are battling for votes ahead of tomorrow's illinois primary. >> i believe i have the best chance and perhaps the only chance of actually replacing barack obama as the president of the united states. >> if governor romney things than he is the ceo of america that he can run and manage the economy, he does not understand what conservatives believe in. >> fulfil romney with a small lead in illinois. the candidates on saturday will face off again in the louisiana primary. the obama campaign is focusing on female voters in battleground states including north carolina. democrats are hoping for gains in moderate and independent female voters and the widening of a gender gap that traditionally favors their party. voters in north carolina are focused on women's issues. >> monday morning 55 degrees in germantown. >> still ahead the national cherry blossom festival is almost here. if trees already stealing the show. >> winter is n
in the last three months. turning to the 2012 campaign, romney celebrating another victory this morning. the winner of the wyoming caucuses yesterday. the republican presidential candidates are preparing for super tuesday when voters in 10 states including virginia go to the polls. the most important contest is expected to be ohio, where the polls show romney trailing rick santorum. >> its thursday morning 62. an emotional reunion in chardon ohio. students go back to school today for the first time since the deadly shooting spree. >> one of the region's most beloved attractions getting ready to celebrate a major milestone. how the entire it area plans to do that, we will show you. >> hey, what are you drinkin'? i'm drinkin' dunkin'. definitely dunkin'. you know, i need to get that jolt in the morning but i want something good to do that. i love the aroma i love the taste. you can't mistake the flavor. i run on dunkin'! america runs on dunkin' coffee. >> i until the with gallery 555 dc. i support washington metropolitan area artists. the exhibit is changed every month. , on in an
live at the supreme court, jummy olabanji, abc 7. >> time is running out for mitt romney's rivals. at least one candidate is scaling back its campaign. newt gingrich will make your public appearances and layoffs one-third of his staff as part of a last-ditch effort for delegates. a spokesman said the former house speaker will concentrate on calling delegates, to persuade them to back him at the convention in tampa. rick santorum responded to the news by urging conservatives to support its effort instead of romney's. he spent last night in wisconsin, told a primary on tuesday. romney has an eight-point advantage over santorum in the badger state. the former massachusetts governor took some shots at his competition during a stop at the tonight show with jay leno. >> rick santorum is a good guy running a good campaign. we have some differences in background and on some issues, but basically a good guy. i am happy with him saying he would like to be part of an administration with me. nothing wrong with that. >> texas congressman ron paul will make a stop at a town hall meeting in coll
behind mitt romney in his bid to beat president obama. marco rubio is also going to support romney. two of his rivals were in our area yesterday. gingrich spoke at georgetown on wall ron paul had a -- held a rally at university of maryland. wisconsin -- wisconsin d.c., and marilyn hold primaries on tuesday. martin o'malley cast his vote later today. >> on the hill, the house is set to vote on the republican budget bill today. three and a half trillion dollar plan that cuts everything from food stamps to transportation. the budget proposes tax increases on the rich. the house rejected a bipartisan plan with both tax increases and spending cuts earlier. 6: 07. 68 degrees. still ahead, lindsay lohan is back in front of the judge. why it could be the last time for a hollywood star. >> a another maker brigade for the washington capitals. more freeze and frost warnings. >> we are hearing reports now the crash on southeast pennsylvania avenue in done between minnesota avenue and at 295 -- and now a disabled vehicle blocking the road. virginia is where we go live with the camera. see what is ha
will leave the race and set up a battle with mitt romney. >> a better opportunity to make sure we nominate a conservative is to give us an opportunity to go head-to-head with governor romney. hopefully that will occur sooner rather the later. >> is the front-runner, but not a very strong front-runner. almost all conservatives are opposed to him, which are the base of the party. >> gingrich thinks and he will win alabama and mississippi but romney is gaining support in a alabama. >> thanks so much. get your pencils sharpened sports fans. find out wt. the n.c.a.a. released its brackets last night. the no. 1 seeds are kentucky, north carolina syracuse, and michigan state. georgetown did well with a three seed in the midwest. virginia is a 10 seed. vcu and is in with a 12 seed this year. loyola of maryland is 15. among the teams left out this year, seton hall, drexel, and university of washington. the first play-in games are tomorrow and the main action begins on thursday. >> and the georgetown hoyas will play on saturday afternoon. >> i am pulling for them. it's monday morning, 47 degrees >>
romney says the president bears part of the blame for high gas prices by slowing down the oil drilling permit process. rick santorum says that romney and president obama have supported government programs over individual reforms. unemployment report in the news. >> josh, let's focus on a couple things. newt gingrich is putting out a tax on santorum. what does that say about the status of gingrich's campaign? what happens if he does not do well in alabama and mississippi? >> it's probably the end of the road for him. going into the final stretch. we can see romney is in a place where he may be the winner and then gingrich would have to do anything he can to catch up. looks like the best way to do that at the moment is to put out a new web video that goes after sandstorm on your marks and santorum's support for arlen specter, who switched from being a republican to democrat. >> a strong message for president obama. the keystone xl pipeline going from canada down to texas. congress clearly supports it and president obama is opposed to it. >> he is not opposed to it, but just as not want t
of upcoming contests. rick santorum campaign in puerto rico yesterday. their primary is sunday. romney a campaign in puerto rico and illinois. gingrich's focusing on the illinois where the primary is on tuesday. ron paul is campaigning in missouri and illinois. president obama kicks into campaign mode today with the events in chicago and atlanta. this trip comes one day after his campaign released and all my documentary -- online document. . >> how do we understand this president? >> the video presents a flattering look at the president's first term. it includes bill clinton defending the auto bailouts. >> looking to day again. we have the first round of march men as at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon in columbus. the hoyas are number 3. coming up a little bit later in sports, we look back at some of the other first-round action yesterday including the bracket busting win for vcu. >> they did idea again. -- it again. >> the news that could send gas prices down. >> welcome back. i hope your friday as up to a great start. >> lisa baden is standing by. >> traffic is picking up. 270 southbound is
that his comments were out of bounds. >> mitt romney, rick santorum, newt gingrich, and ron paul office sing-off in 10 states next tuesday including virginia. romney has the momentum on this side after winning four straight contests including michigan and arizona on tuesday a. but it could be a rough night for him as the polls show him in a tough fights in several super tuesday states. >> when democrats gather in north carolina for the national convention, some d.c. residents want to make sure marion barry is not there. there's a new movement to block him from serving as a delegate. john gonzalez as the story this morning. >> good morning. tomorrow many d.c. residents will gather at to select president obama's 14 delegates from the district. a member marion barry says that he is a shoe-in but he believes haters are trying to keep them down. he says that he's only missed a handful of democratic national conventions in the past four decades of and should be at the one later this year in charlotte. but some are pushing hard to prevent that. political commentator chuck thies says recent tax
the d.c. primary and mitt romney looks like he has a strong lead here and santorum is not on the ballot? >> he had a big day in louisiana so every time you think someone will drop out they come up with some kind of win or a strategy to move forward. >> thank you. let's get more on the 2012 campaign. mitt romney may be on track to win the d.c. primary next week he won 72% of the struggle. santorum was in d.c. is not on the primary ballot. voters in arlington will hit the polls today for a special election for a spot on the county board. the polls will close at 7:00 tonight. >> the imf head of dominique strauss-kahn is facing new sec's charges. >> he is accused of procuring prostitutes for parties at hotels in paris here in -- and here in d.c. last year he was accused of raping a made in a hotel room in new york. charges were dropped but he faces a civil suit and that trial begins tomorrow in new york. doctors say former vice president dick cheney is making progress in his recovery from heart transplant surgery. the 71-year-old was standing and talking two days after receiving a new part.
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